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This is a special newsletter to let you know about some important changes to our eBay store.  If you knew us in the past as Info Williams, we have recently changed our store name to Diploma Store.  We offer the same fast service and have expanded our inventory of diplomas to include fantastic personalized choices for people who are hard to buy for.  We also have created a new web site that offers the same diplomas as on eBay, uses the PayPal shopping cart, and is easier to browse and navigate.  Come visit our web site at www.diplomastore.com.  We have gifts for people who love animals, sports, cars, racing, camping, cigars, golf, dogs, and more for under $10.00!  Better yet, if you can't find what you are looking for, we can create a new diploma for you.  We are constantly adding new items to our inventory!

Also, we have a new free stuff page where you can print out your own diploma or a unique Mom's Guide to Computer Terms!

We have animal diplomas from A to Z for only $14.99!


Check out our new Christmas Diplomas!  Only $14.99!  
We have dog breed diplomas for only $14.99!

You pick the Name and Date on the Diploma.

Do you know someone who love cars?  Check out are car diplomas for only $14.99! Buy one for yourself! You deserve it!
This is a great diploma for people who travel in their motor home for only $14.99!

Don't wait.

Order Now!


We have hunting diplomas for only $14.99!  We can ship to a different location than the billing location and include a free gift card.
This fishing diploma has been very popular!  All our fishing diplomas are only $14.99.

We can change the university name if you wish!

We have many football diplomas to choose from for only $14.99. We can change the degree if you wish!
We have many other sports diplomas too  for only $14.99.

We have a great selection of diplomas!

We have diplomas for collectors for only $14.99. Visit our website to see more!
Harness racing for only $14.99.

Order now

More diplomas like this one for only $14.99.

Clear, crisp, professional artwork and lettering! 
Hobby diplomas like this one for only $14.99.

We have many hobby diplomas ! 

Teacher and other profession diplomas like this one for only $14.99. Great gift for a teacher! 
Computer geeks and video gamers, your day has arrived!  Only $14.99.

You must check out our video game diploma!

We have military diplomas for only $14.99. Army, Navy, Air force!
Know someone who vacationed in a hurricane?  Only $14.99.

This one has been very popular!

We have customized home school diplomas too!  


These diplomas look great in a document frame (not included).  Hang them on the wall of your home, office, club, local VFW, school, etc...

Visit our Diploma Store today!

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